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Walk and talk therapy
*Not currently available*

I am trained and experienced in delivering a wide range of evidence based therapies. We will think together which therapy is most appropriate for your particular needs. Most therapies can be delivered during walk and talk sessions.


I provide a free 15 minute consultation for all prospective new clients to discuss what you're hoping to achieve and to ensure that we are a good fit. This will also allow us to discuss whether walk and talk sessions are the best option for you.

I am registered with all major insurance companies (WPA, AVIVA, AXA, Vitality) and am happy to see you through your insurance company.

Image by Clay Banks

Walk and talk therapy
*Not currently available*

Walk and talk sessions take place individually on Northchurch Common, Berkhamsted. For many people, getting outside in the fresh air helps to improve mood and so walk and talk sessions are a lovely combination of the rejuvenating aspects of nature, gentle walking and therapy.

Northchurch Common is known for its wide expansive space. We will chose a route that is open but provides confidentiality. A number of steps will also be put into place to secure your confidentiality. 

Walk and talk sessions are suitable for:

  • Women only

  • Individuals able to physically manage a slow walking pace for 60 minutes (we can add breaks if needed). If you have any health concerns it is advised that you check with your GP first.

  • Individuals wanting day-time appointments.

Walk and talk sessions cost £150 per hour and are available seasonally.

Please get in touch below to find out more and to arrange your 15 minute free consultation.

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